How To Delete Your Kik Messenger Account

Kik messenger is an online chat application that is much easier to setup and provides a better interface compared to its comparable allies such as Whatsapp and Telegram. The first step in setting up a Kik account is downloading and installing Kik from an authorized application store such as Google Playstore or Apple store. To configure a Kik messenger account one just needs to create an account online and then log in using valid email credentials. It doesn’t require the user’s phone number like it’s the case applications with other online chat applications like WeChat and Whatsapp, but at the same time one can enter their phone number. It is optional. After setting up a Kik account one provides a username, a display name, usually the first and last name and a password. It is available globally and over different platforms most prominently Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS. However, Kik is not as famous when pitted against the aforementioned peers. But on a general view perspective, it is much better than the other chat applications. The only details visible to the chat room peers are the last name, username and the profile picture. The email address, phone number, email address and location information are invisible.

Kik Messenger Account Basics

The basics revolves around the main things that Kik messenger users should at least know before they start using it and even during the time they interact on that platform. They involve issues such as:

  • How to update Kik account email.

At some point, one may not be able to access the email account used to set up the Kik account. It therefore becomes necessary to update the email address. Doing that depends on the platform one is using. For instance, on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the procedure involves clicking on the settings, selecting the account and email. After this, you type the new email you want to use and then save the changes.

On the Windows platform, the procedure is a little different. All the other steps are similar except that in the last step, there is a checkmark box you tap rather than one that has a save changes tag on it.

Having an accessible email address attached to the Kik account is imperative in order to receive the important emails from Kik.

  • How to change the username

There are two important aspects of the Kik account that must be put into consideration. The username and the display name. The display name can be changed while the username cannot be changed thus in setting both one should ensure that the username is on you are comfortable with since the only way to change that is by opening another Kik account. However, it is possible to change the display name in the following steps.

On iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian, on the Kik interface, you go the settings, select your account and then select name. After that you can then input the name you want to use and the changes will be effected on your Kik account.

On the Windows platform, you go to the settings icon click on your account and then select change display name after which you can then input the new name and changes will take place.

  • How to reset password.

There are a variety of reasons as to why one would want to change the password but the most basic include forgetting the password of the email used in setting up the Kik account. To reset the Kik password you should at least have access to the email registered to the account. In the case you don’t have access to the email then you can as well use the password reset emails on the main Kik password reset website,

The above are the most basic services that are offered by the Kik messenger service and the problems listed are the most common when using that application. Passwords are the most important part of any account and use of simple passphrases leads to vulnerability. The single biggest threat to the online users in the 21st century is cybercriminals. These are people whose main aim is to steal information from people using the Internet. It is not the best of scenarios when the conversations held in private fall in the wrong hands especially when it is the law. This brings up a very important aspect of the Kik messenger service that will form the basic part of the next subheading.

  • Encryption.

Encryption refers to the process of putting data in coded format that renders it meaningless to the unintended recipient. The main aim of encryption is to assure of security. In the recent past, online chat applications have gone a notch higher and implemented end-to-end encryption to the conversations held by their users. This is in particular reference to the latest update on Whatsapp that allows users to encrypt their conversations in such a way that the only recipients to the message are the only ones who can get the message in its original and intended format. Kik is a step behind when it comes to security and it scores low in comparison to its peers such as the abovementioned WhatsApp. Kik has the problem of having encryption while data is in transit but the encryption key is not accessible to the provider. This leads to problems with verifying users’ identities online and messages shared in the past are not secure in the case the encryption key gets lost. Conclusively, it is right to say that the security design implemented by the Kik messenger is not entirely safe and due to the issue with encryption keys implies that the code is not available for review and this poses a headache to the security audit and approval process.

Apart from the most basic issues in Kik there are a couple other related issues that have come up in the course of time due to the change in the structure and culture of the new technologies that have come up in recent times. They can be simply referred to as recent the upcoming issues in the Kik messenger service.

Upcoming Issues in Kik Messenger Service

Kik use by minors

Due to the fact that the Kik messenger does not use the phone number, it is possible for minors and especially the teens to use the service. The other attractive bit on Kik is the level of anonymity it maintains. Kik users operate on a highly anonymous environment.

This implies that the features available on Kik only serve to attract more ineligible users who are more vulnerable on the Internet compared to other users.

Domain name controversy

The name Kik is embroiled in controversy due to the fact that there is a developer who had developed an open source codes that Kik depended on. This led to a tussle over the real ownership of the code and it brought up a major discussion on intellectual property rights and software development dependencies.

Having said that, most of the basic issues pertaining to the use of Kik have been addressed. As always, everything has its pros and cons and the issues discussed above serve to analyse the best thing about Kik messenger and the flipside to its use.

At some point, due to the reasons brought about by some of the issues addressed above or personal issues experienced during the use of the service and that affect the overall feeling and perception towards the service. If such happens, one might feel compelled to delete their Kik account for good. However there are different ways of dealing with that and deleting the account is just one of them. One of such ways would be deactivating the account instead of deleting the account entirely. Once an account is deleted it cannot be recovered but a deactivated account can be recovered if the user feels obligated to use it again. There are downsides to deleting an account that are not experienced in case the account is deactivated instead of totally deleted. The next part deals with the methods of getting rid of the Kik account individually:

How to Deactivate a Kik Messenger Account

There are prerequisites that must be understood before considering deactivating a Kik account. The downsides to deactivation include:

  • You no longer receive messages and emails from Kik.
  • The Kik username one had been using cannot be searchable anywhere. This means that deactivating ones account renders it totally unavailable.
  • The display name gets deleted from the Kik contact lists of people one had talked to during the period of using Kik service.

However, when it comes to deletion, there are two ways it can be done. You can either delete it from your phone or tablet and you can delete it from your personal computer as well.

How to Delete Kik Account From Phone

To delete a Kik account you must have the Kik application on your phone or your tablet. If by any chance, you had uninstalled the application without deactivating the account, it will be mandatory that you download the application and log in using your email credentials in order to be able to delete your account.

There are four steps involved in doing this. They are:

  • Go to the Kik application and click on the Settings tab.
  • Select your account and then tap the Reset icon.
  • Enter the email address linked to your account.
  • After that, you will receive an email later on how to deactivate your account.
  • Follow the link and deactivate your account.

The above is the simple procedure on how to deactivate a Kik account from the phone or tablet. The procedure for deletion from the personal computer is a little different.

How to Delete Kik Account From a Personal Computer

There are four main steps involved and they are as listed below.

  • On your personal computer access this website,
  • Enter the email address that is linked with your Kik account and click on the Go button.
  • Thereafter, you will receive an email with a link on how to deactivate your account.
  • Follow the link and deactivate your account.

The procedure elaborated on how to delete the Kik account from the phone or tablet does not have varied steps according to the different platforms such as Android, Symbian, iOS and Windows that had been listed in the introductory part of the article. This is because the steps involved in setting up and deleting or deactivating a Kik account are the same regardless of the platform. The only things that change are the steps involved in doing the other basic things once you have set up a Kik account.

For the personal computer as well, it doesn’t really matter the kind of operating system you are using. Thus for the different operating systems, for instance, Windows and Mackintosh the procedure is all the same.

Those are the two methods used to deactivate a Kik account but they do not delete the account permanently. The only true remedy to deleting the Kik account is refraining from logging in using the deactivated account. Kik does not provide full deletion in case one wants to stop using the service completely. That is another downside to the usage of Kik since other similar applications such as WhatsApp provide the option of total account deletion in case one wants to opt out of the service. All in all Kik messenger offers excellent service and the web anonymity that is not prevalent on many applications and this is due to the fact that few personal details are visible on the platform. This implies less client vulnerability on the web.

In conclusion, those are all the basics involved in setting up and deactivating a Kik messenger account in case the need to do that arises. Also discussed are the preliminaries one ought to know as the use the service. I hope the article prove be of great help in terms of managing your Kik account.

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