Why Choose SAP Software?

SAP is the market leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and as such it is a top choice for those looking to implement this as part of their business. Whether you’ve done an SAP and Oracle comparison and are still struggling to make your mind up, or whether you’re just not sure which ERP software to use, keep reading. We’re going to provide you with a list of five great reasons to choose SAP.

It’s the Market Leader

SAP is the market leader in ERP software, and this is for both large businesses and small. Current estimates state that SAP currently has a 18% market share for small and medium enterprises, and a 23% share for large businesses. Oracle, which we mentioned above, currently has a 14% share for both. If you want to work with the best in the business, SAP is the software to go for.

It Has Fantastic Customer Support

SAP is such a large part of business today, that, as you would expect from a company of SAP’s size, they have the experience and customer support teams available to help ensure it is integrated properly within your business. Customer implementation has been made easier over the years as the team at SAP have understood and improved upon the aspects of the software that were difficult for the average business owner to understand. The software is constantly being improved as well, with data gleaned from every implementation.

It’s Far Reaching

SAP is currently available in 37 languages and has been localized for over 120 countries, making it the ideal choice for companies who operate internationally. Over 12,000 partners also collaborate with SAP so businesses have lots of options when it comes to implementation. Although there are certain industries that benefit more from SAP software than others, this is expected to increase.

It’s Cheaper Than the Competition

According to SAP themselves, SAP software is 23% cheaper to implement than their closest competitor. The company also claims that when you implement the software, you will further save money on the support, service and software costs per user. One of the main reasons for this is that you can take advantage of all elements of the software from the second you buy it. It’s very quick to implement the software and use it throughout your company.

It Offers Real Time Analytics

Most businesses understand the importance of analytics, and SAP can provide them in real time. Using in-memory database technology, SAP can process a large amount of data within seconds – 0.04 seconds to be exact. Better still, all of this can be done from any location and from any device. So, if you need access to certain data while on the go, SAP has you covered.

There are a lot of ERP systems available today, and which is best for your business will ultimately depend on your needs. However, SAP has a number of fantastic benefits, and as the leading provider, is well worth the cost.

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