11+ Best Task Managers for Android

In the world of smartphones, Android is preferred by many for its’ highly customizable and beautiful platform. However, Android smartphones often have small problems that can be annoying to the average user. For instance, many background apps constantly run on Android phones, slowing down the processor and taking up much-needed space. Additionally, these background apps are a huge drain on battery, so Android user often find themselves with dead phones when they’re out and about. These background apps are frustrating, and often take up space that we would rather fill with wanted apps. To keep these background apps in check, there are many Task Manager apps for the Android, which clean up the space and make your experience with your Android phone as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Here are the 10 best task manager apps for Android:

  1. ES Task ManagerES-Task-Manager

The ES File Explorer is extremely efficient and is completely free. It is one of the most popular task manager apps on the market. The main service provided by ES Task Manager is the ability to view all the background apps that are draining on your phone’s battery, and choosing which apps you would like to keep from running. ES File Explorer also makes it possible to uninstall unwanted apps in a consolidated space, in order to optimize space. You can also choose to save apps, so that ES File Explorer won’t consider it a waste of space and delete the app automatically.

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  1. SystemPanelLite Task ManagerSystemPanelLite

SystemPanelLite is designed to be streamlined, and is quite attractive to the user. There are many graphic charts, statistics and data options available to you from this app, and lets you analyze for yourself which apps are worth the space on your phone. You not only have the option to identify and shut down apps that are taking up too much space and too many resources, but it also provides lots of data for you to know everything there is to know about your Android system. There is a free and paid upgrade available, and the paid upgrade ($2.99) lets you monitor your battery to get the maximum amount of life out of your battery, and it has an installed/uninstaller feature.

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  1. GreenifyGreenify

Instead of completely shutting down background apps, Greenify simply lets you “hibernate” them until you need them. This means the hibernated apps don’t run in the background and eat up the battery, but the apps are still there when you need them. If you open the app from the home screen, the app will be accessible and run as usual, but then when you close the app again, it won’t continue to run and eat up your battery’s life. As well as boosting your Android device’s battery, Greenify also can help boost the performance speed of your device. Greenify is completely free.

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  1. Watchdog Task ManagerWatchdog

Watchdog Task Manager lets you monitor everything on your Android device. It won’t kill any of your apps automatically, but instead keeps an eye on everything that is running on your smartphone or tablet, and notifies you if one app starts hogging many of the resources. From there, you can shut down the app and keep everything running smoothly.

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  1. GO Cleaner & Task ManagerGOcleaner

GO Cleaner and Task Manager is extremely popular as a device manager for Android, and provides a very clean interface and easy to use program. Using this app, you can remove unwanted folders, get rid of your cache, clear your browsing history, and improve your phone’s performance. These features are all provided for free.

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  1. Zapper Task Killer and ManagerZapper

Zapper Task Killer and Manager, like many device managers, shuts down any tasks or processes that may be causing lag on your Android device. Zapper Task Killer and Manager also provides percentages for your memory usage and CPU usage, so you can easily identify which applications are taking up the most resources on your device and get rid of them. The app also provides many charts that show you the distribution of your phone’s resources among your various apps.

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  1. Super Task KillerSuper-Task-Killer

Sometimes, task managers themselves take up a lot of storage space on your Android device, which is slightly self-defeating. Super Task Killer is very lightweight, and doesn’t take up much space, while still providing many of the same features that other apps do. Super Task Killer can kill different background apps taking up battery and space, and even boost your Android device’s speed up to 50%. Through this app, you also have control over what times apps will be shut down on your phone.

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  1. Advanced Task KillerAdvanced-task-killer

When Android first came out, task managers and task killers were absolutely necessary on the Android platform in order to make the platform function correctly. During those days, Advanced Task Killer was the number one task-killing app, and is still quite superior in functionality compared to other task killing apps. Advanced Task Killer is laid out in a simple layout, with all of the basic and advanced task management options available. From Advanced Task Killer, you can kill apps directly, or automate the whole process and get rid of any extra background apps using the auto-killing feature. However, the developers of the Advanced Task Killer app recommend to manually choose whether or not you want an app shut down, as sometimes important and needed apps can get deleted during the auto-kill process. Additionally, you can move essential apps to the “ignore list” so that they don’t get deleted.

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  1. Smart Task Managersmart-task-manager

Smart Task Manager provides all the premium task management features for free. It covers many of the services provided in the above suggestions, without spending a single cent. This app provides a process list, showing how much CPU and memory is being used, as well as having the opportunity to kill useless apps, while keeping the important applications on your device. This app also includes the option to backup all data from your apps onto your SD card. This endures that you can restore your applications at any time.

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  1. Clean MasterClean-master

Clean Master provides many features, for the same low price of absolutely free. The app offers basic task killing and efficiency-ensuring functions, but it also gives you the opportunity to password protect all of your apps to keep them safe, as well as providing an antivirus feature to keep your device safe from rogue apps. Additionally, Clean Master has a duplicate photo remover to search through your pictures and keep as much space on your device as possible, and a game booster to boost game booster. Once again, this application is completely free.

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As time goes on and you install more onto your Android device, you may long for the days when your device ran quickly and efficiently, with next to no buffer time. With these task manager applications, your phone will be cleaner than ever and running like new.

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