5+ Best Google Play Store Alternatives For Android

In this day and age, having the latest apps and games on your mobile (or other devices) is absolutely imperative. It is arguably comparable to having the latest bell-bottoms back in the 60s or having the latest mod clothing in 1970s England!

Let’s just face it… The sad, sad truth is: that technology has become one of the most important things of our era and although it pains me to say it, people often care more about apps, social media and the latest new releases, than they do for human beings. And if you’ve just read that and thought ‘yeah, so what?’ Then you have just done a great job of proving my point.

And in this sea of technology that is our world today, apps and games are of great importance, which in turn, means that app stores are also of great importance. And if you’re an Android user, then there aren’t many better app stores than the Google Play Store.google-play-store-alternatives

The Google Play Store is without a doubt the best app store available for Android devices, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the only one in existence. In fact, in reality, it is far from the only one. There are a whole host of other app stores that are available to Android users just waiting to be explored. You can browse through them in search for the latest gadgets, gizmos, games and apps on the market, in order to make your Android experience that much more memorable.

In this article, I will be providing you with a list of some Play Store alternatives, so that, if you ever feel like a change of scenery when searching for new apps or games, then you’ll have no difficulty at all in choosing your new location.

But Why Do I Need Another App Store

Now, before we get into the list, let me give you a few reasons as to why you might benefit from using a different app store.

I can already here you asking: “But doesn’t the Google Play Store have everything? Why would I possibly need another?” Well here are a few reasons:

  • Better recommendations lists – Now, the Google Play Store does offer a list of recommended apps that are supposedly related or similar to the app that you are reading about or looking at, but sometimes, these can be inaccurate. Sometimes I’ve seen suggested apps that aren’t even nearly similar on the Google Play Store and there are a few that I’ve tried aside from the Play Store that have much more accurate recommended apps lists.
  • Free apps and promotions – Unlike the Google Play Store, some of the other app stores that I’ve tried hold some really awesome promotions and give away some awesome freebees! Things like: free apps that you are usually charged for, yes, you heard it right – there are some app stores that will offer you apps that cost money for free and one in particular even offers you a free app a day (you’ll find out which one soon). And another feature on other stores are promotions of certain apps or games, during which you get to trial things for free too.
  • Specific to your country – There are some certain app stores that will focus specifically on your country and will offer you the best apps available in it. The charts, rankings and ratings will all be based on your country too so you can find out just how much those similar to you enjoyed an app or game before actually making the purchase!

Now Let’s Get Into This!Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Now that you’ve learned a little about the why, it’s time to learn about the where to find them!

So, without further hesitation, let the list commence!

Amazon Appstoreamazon-appstore

Check it out

Remember when I said you would find out soon? (If you can’t I’d be slightly concerned…) Well here it is. The Amazon Appstore is the store, which offers a free app a day, from a selection of thousands.

In my opinion, Amazon is the best alternative to the Google Play Store – and not just because it gives you the chance to snatch some free apps… Aside from that wonderful feature, it is also incredibly easy to install and use and offers all of the greatest apps that are available today. It gives you a list of suggested apps that are relevant to the app that you are viewing and on to of all the, the Amazon Appstore holds even more promotions than just their standard free app a day deal.

Considering all of these awesome facts, the Amazon Appstore certainly provides Google with a bit of competition and let’s be honest, if you are good enough to rival one of the – if not, the most – successful companies out there in anything for that matter, then you must be pretty damn good yourself!

This store is definitely my go-to as an alternative.


Check it out

Tired of the same old scenery when browsing for your Android apps? If so, then Getjar is another alternative that could well and truly save you!

Now, not only can you browse a humongous array of apps and games that are both free and not-so-free, you can also find it incredibly easy to do so due to the extremely well organised categories and sub-categories options.

Another great feature: Getjar’s Gold System and their rewards app provides you with the best apps that are totally specific and tailored to you, so that they suit your personal preferences, meaning that you will be able to get all of the apps that are best suited to you, without having to search for hours in order to find them. You can also earn rewards through these add-on apps and use them to get premium apps for free. What more could you possibly want?

And do you want to know something rather ironic? You can actually download Getjar from the Google Play Store. Yes, that’s right, Google have included one of their rivals, so to speak, and made their app ready to download from their Play Store… Now if that isn’t confidence in your product, then I don’t know what is. But is it confidence? Or just plain foolishness? Because Getjar isn’t exactly a weak app store.

In fact, the only downside to it is that it offers sponsored recommendations – but those won’t be automatically installed and won’t be marked, so you won’t know which are sponsored and which aren’t. But yeah, aside from that, this app store is totally solid and is more than capable of rivalling the Google Play Store.


Check it out

This one is a newer app store that has only recently came onto the scene, but don’t let that fool you as the quality of this store is still very much there!

Just like the previously mentioned stores, SlideMe offers users with a chance to browse a wide selection of apps and games that are both free and to pay for. It is compatible with PayPal meaning that payment is incredibly straightforward because, let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who don’t have a PayPal account these days.

Aside from the convenience and broadness in app selection, other great features in this one include: easy to download and navigate, making it perfect for kids or simply those who are less competent in terms of technology. It is expanding day-by-day with the already substantially large selection of apps getting larger all time. And, let’s not forget the bonuses and premiums that grant you with access to some of the more popular apps that you sometimes have to pay for.

Another interesting point to make regarding this one is that it would be worth noting for an app or game developer. If you are someone who does either of these, then I would most definitely consider getting in touch with SlideMe and discussing getting your app or game out there. Why? I hear you ask. Well because, not only does its international audience mean that it has a massive chance of becoming extremely popular in the future, but they also have an ad network as well. So if you were to let your app contain ads, you could definitely develop a high percentage of revenue on your app. And I know that it isn’t all about the money. But let’s be truthful here, it is quite important nowadays, isn’t it?

Overall, SlideMe is an easy-to-use and extremely person specific app store that lets the user find apps that are perfect for them with absolute ease. It flows well and is growing in popularity by the day. And as well as those things, it is well designed and on top of that, is great for app developers too. And it is all of these features combined that makes SmileMe an app store, which brings great competition to the Google Play Store.


Check it out

AppBrain is one, which I feel, offers one of the cleanest interface’s and it is without a doubt on of the easiest app stores to navigate through on planet earth. It is as easy to find your way around this app store, as it is to point out the sun in the sky (which to be honest, if you live here in England, is actually rather difficult, but let’s overlook that fact and move on, shall we?) But yeah, my point still stands: AppBrain is incredibly easy to use. And an example of this is the search bar on the homepage, through which you can search for any app that the store possesses.

Another feature, which makes this store easy enough for a toddler to navigate, is the fact that it is systematically arranged and aligned, placing apps in categories and sub-categories. Never again will you have to spend hours searching for the perfect app. All you have to do, is plain and simply: either type your desired app into the search bar or, alternatively, if you don’t have a specific app in mind and you just know the type of app that you’re after, then browse through the relevant categories and sub-categories and you’ll find your app without difficulty.

Considering my aforementioned point, this app store will also be great for app developers too. They could market their app perfectly, placing it in specific categories or sub-categories, so that anyone searching for an app of that type, will definitely come across it at some point or another. Another great thing for app developers to make use of in this store is its monetisation service, from which – yep, you guessed it – app developers can make money!

So, the bottom line is: whether you’re someone looking to download apps, or someone who develops them – AppBrain can be incredibly useful to both!

Now You Can Choose Your Alternative

You’ve had the what, you’ve had the why and now you’ve had the where. You’ve basically been given all of the information that you need in order to make a decision on which app store you could make use of instead of Google Play. I know that once you’re used to something, change can be rather unpleasant; scary even. But trust me, some of these changes will most definitely be worthwhile. Specifically because, a lot of these app stores offer you things that the Google Play Store simply can’t. And you’ve got to ask yourself: if you had a choice between something you’re familiar with, or something that you aren’t familiar with, but the unfamiliar thing is better, which would you rather? I know what my answer would be.

And if you still aren’t so sure, then why not just give it a go anyway? What have you got to lose really? You can always just go back to the Play Store if you don’t like the change of scenery, it’s not like it is as drastic as moving house or something like that! So go on, give it a go, you never know; you might just discover a land of true app store beauty!

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