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Our traditional news media are in trouble. Newspapers are losing advertising revenue, television is losing viewers to the Internet, and journalists are losing their jobs due to rampant cost-cutting.

So what is the future of journalism? What are the winning online models? What role will bloggers and citizen reporters play? And will the once-mighty news industry survive in anything like the form we’ve known?

Hundreds of academics, journalists, business leaders and concerned citizens around the world are debating these issues. Paradigm-shifting factors at play. Winners and losers will emerge.

The Eqentia Future of News Portal is a neutral super-aggregator that collects, organizes and curates the complete set of conversations, thoughts and developments from the web (online, mainstream & social media) and key Twitter stakeholders.

Registered users may opt to receive a customizable daily news digest covering the last 24 hours of published content.

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Curator: Neil Sanderson

Neil Sanderson

Neil Sanderson

Neil has worked in the news media for more than 30 years, including radio, television, print and digital. He is a former Online Editor of the New Zealand Herald and Assistant Managing Editor of the Toronto Star. He blogs at neilsanderson.com and can be contacted here.

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