Eqentia is a new generation of web content publishing, distribution and engagement platform featuring advanced curation, real-time aggregation, text-mining, personalization, semantic extraction and social media integration capabilities.The Eqentia platform can be branded across personal, departmental and organizational boundaries with solutions for competitive intelligence, knowledge tracking, content monitoring, thought leadership, custom content, hyper-local news, content marketing and social newsrooms. Eqentia users benefit from time savings, leads generation, SEO, engaged customers and productive employees.

You can use Eqentia’s real-time aggregation, text-mining, and semantic extraction to stay on top of the daily information overload that we risk drowning in every day. You control which sources to track, how to filter the content and how to zero in on concepts that are relevant to your business or interests.

But the power of Eqentia doesn’t end there. With our advanced and easy-to-use curation tools you can republish content on a customized Eqentia web portal, or on another website or intranet site. Your readers can select which types of content to receive from you. You can even share the news via a daily email digest, and on social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Eqentia helps you manage industry news, competitive intelligence, organizational knowledge, thought leadership, hyper-local news, and the world of social media. Use it to generate leads and increase engagement with your customers. If you’re a publisher, Eqentia will complement your editorial resources by aggregating content tailored to your audience, ready for you to review and republish.

Let Eqentia find what you’re looking for, and help you share it with the world.

Corporate Status
is a privately funded startup headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Eqentia was founded in August 2008 by William Mougayar, a 30-year veteran of the high-technology industry.

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