We’re calling this latest slew of features Eqentia+, in sympathy with GooglePlus.

Our users have been asking for people and content discovery to go alongside our contextual and actionable content indexing, as well as increased social media integration points. We have responded with the following innovative new features.

Content Discovery
Content discovery comes in two flavors. One,- for the end-user, and two,- for the curator. From a end-user’s Personal News Page (where they choose which topics to follow), or a user’s Personal Stream (where they sync up their Twitter Favorites or Google Reader starred/shared items), Eqentia will recommend new articles based on the existing content in any one of these personalized streams.

Recommended Content from a user’s Personal News Page

And for the professional curator, Eqentia will recommend new content that’s closely aligned with the existing content that’s being filtered. In one-click, the curator can “add” the chosen articles into the curated pool of content. In both cases, these recommendations are generated in real-time and use an algorithmic analysis of the content that’s already there. Therefore these recommendations will vary on a daily/hourly basis and will learn and adapt from the users actions.

Curation Suggestions for the Professional Curator are added via a one-click action

Our users have asked for serendipitous content discovery to complement our guided content filtering. These new features meet this demand and go a step further by offering an instant boost to content delivery, instead of a drip oriented flow via a social media stream.

People Discovery
One of the great benefits of social media is that via social gestures, people are associating themselves with content that matters to them. Eqentia finds and exposes these content-to-people linkages. We believe that content leads to people. And when you frame this content around the right context, discovery of people becomes actionable.

Eqentia allows you to find the key people that are engaging with your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Specifically, with Twitter, Eqentia demonstrates this along 4 dimensions:

a)    by revealing a Twitter Engagement Leaderboard listing the top 100 users that are interacting with a specific context, ranked by their engagement power or Klout score.

Twitter Engagement Leaderboard is updated each 20 mins, and includes threaded Twitter conversations based on the specific context

b)    via a functionality called “Visual Who Is” which displays graphically these users and ranks them according to a Klout-based influence score into three buckets: top influencers, mid-influencers, low-influencers.

Visual Who Is Tweeting?

Visual Who Is enables a drill down on any Twitter user. Size of the box is related to their Klout score

c) by identifying the user’s other interests via Eqentia’s own aggregation of a user’s social presence in other interest areas, therefore by tapping their implicit interest graph.

By identifying the user’s other interests via Eqentia’s own aggregation of a user’s social presence in other interest areas, therefore by tapping their implicit interest graph.

d)    by notifying the user via a daily email of the most engaged users on Twitter for their context

New people that are engaging with your context are being suggested as part of the daily email.

Eqentia has been focusing on social media integration. We believe that social media’s value increases the more it gets integrated into users workflows and inside the content’s fabric. That’s why we have focused on the integration aspects of social media throughout the lifecycle of any piece of content within any context.

And if this is not enough, we have additional features that have been tucked in:

-       Enhanced Curation mode (publish/unpublish with one-click)

-       Google+ integration (capturing the Google+ number and enabling a user to +1 any article)

-       Drupal plugin for seamless content integration into a Drupal CMS including tracking of curation actions and syncing of semantic tagging of content with a Drupal taxonomy (if you have a Drupal site, email us to test it out)

-       Automatic sifting of top URLs from Twitter into the magazine-like portal with an assisted curation workflow management

We’re very excited to share these new features with our users and prospects, and we are confident this solidifies Eqentia’s position as the enterprise leader in Curated Content Management.

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