The Social Internet Infographic by Eqentia

The Social Internet Landscape & Ecosystem by Eqentia

I’ve been wanting to frame in one picture the current phase of the Internet’s evolution: the Social Internet. I drew this Infographic as a way to see the social Internet’s landscape in one place, to spark a discussion about its ecosystem, and to prove that there is a lot more than ‘social media’ and ‘social networking’.  The question that’s on everybody’s mind- professionals, consumers or companies, is “Where do you play”?

Here are the pieces. It’s like a “sandwich”. The buns are the Commercial Apps (top) and Base Platforms (bottom). What’s in the middle consists of: Social Gestures, Social Measures and Platforms of Expressions.

Commercial Apps
That’s where the large business opportunities seem to exist and where a number of viable companies are emerging for each of these sectors. Some sectors are more mature than others, but they offer similarities in business models.

Base Platforms
We could call these the Big Six: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr and YouTube. They are the most popular social networks or composite networks that users revolve in and out of. If you’re not in any one of these, you haven’t even dipped a toe in the Social Internet.

Social Gestures
These include the one-click gestures (liking, sharing, favoriting, bookmarking, following, friending) as well as what’s commonly referred to as “User Generated Content” (UGC) such as discussing via comments or reviewing. These are the key fabrics of the Social Internet.

Social Measures
You might think- how can these be measures without metrics? Well, this area is probably the debatable because it’s embryonic and still evolving. At least, there’s a lot being discussed here.

Platforms of Expressions
Being social is about being expressive.  Shy or private personalities will have a tough time adapting. The Social Internet is allowing us to express our thoughts, photos, hobbies, music, etc. These Expression Platforms beg us to use social gesturing, and our increased usage will certainly impact our Social Measures.

Putting it all together, do you see the leverage points between the various elements?

Here’s an example statement from us:
Eqentia plays in the Curation Platforms space. We track and analyze Social Gestures about content and we provide actions that impact Social Measures. We allow curators and creators to Express their thoughts, and we interface with the Base Platforms in bi-directional ways.

What do you think? Where do you play?

Anything missing from this picture? How would you improve it?

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  • Anonymous

    All I see is fragmentation and lots more fragmentation…what is the value of a ‘Tweet’, ‘Friend’, ‘Follower’, search ranking (unsound algorithmically). Don’t see many leverage points but lots of additional cost.

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