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There are two flavors of content discovery: serendipitous and targeted. Social media is giving us tons of serendipitous discovery via following people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and now Google Plus. But how about Targeted Discovery?

Just like Targeted Filtering (covered in a previous post) accomplishes a different objective than People Filtering, Targeted Discovery should bring you new suggested content, boosted by the existing material you are currently seeing.

Boosting the Curation Process
Targeted Discovery is very helpful during the process of Content Curation.  Curators want to be productive. They want to find new suggestions to curate quickly. So we’ve developed a new algorithmic method that mines existing content (which was mostly found from keywords and filter rules), and suggests new content that can be added to a given curated portal.

This raises the bar on Content Curation productivity. It’s like a super lever of content that displays 30 new articles that are very closely related to you topic, via one-click. As your curation actions continue to improve the quality of content in a given curated portal, so will the Curated Suggestions. It gets better over time. Here’s to Boost Your Content Curation from our Curation Tools Knowledge Center.

Boosting Content Discovery
We’ve also applied a similar method for discovering new content around your interests, but the starting point is your Personal News Page, not a given portal. From your Personal News Page configuration, we extract an implicit interest graph which is used to mine the news universe for additional related content from the past 24 hours which you haven’t seen. It’s like lifting a ton of content at once, with one-click. Here are steps for enabling your personal Content Discovery.

Targeted discovery is a productivity gainer. Serendipitous discovery is a time sucker.

Would you rather see 30 great articles in one-click or spend 20 additional minutes in your social networks that may or may not get you the same thing?

Make sure you impose time limits on your social/serendipitous discovery and shift some of that time to targeted discovery, especially if it can be complemented by a content boosting algorithm.

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