• Introducing People & Content Discovery

    From your context, let us find you content. From that content, let us find you people.
    You take action.

  • Create a Custom News Portal ... in seconds

    Combine your keywords, choice of sources & a filtered Twitter stream, and see it on one page.

  • Your Personal Stream

    Find, Curate and Publish Content quickly- from anywhere to anywhere.

  • Aggregation + Curation Done Right

    Aggregation Rules. Text mining. Semantics. Social Media. Rich curation controls. Custom Taxonomies. User Consumption Choices. Re-publishing and Integration.

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Personal Content Stream

Your Content. Your way. Private or Public. Powerful filters. Add any Web page. Share it. Let others subscribe to it. Monitor Twitter. Sync to Twitter Favorites or Google Reader. Curate like a professional.

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Explore Curated Content

Over 100 smart topics. Curated by Eqentia or subject-matter experts. Just "follow" the key topics or 30,000 sub-topics.

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Request an Enterprise Portal

Several use cases to choose from! Competitive Intelligence. Knowledge Management. Thought Leadership. Content Marketing. Social + Online Media.

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Personalized News Page

The Ultimate in Personalization. Choose from 20,000 semantic news end-points, and mix it up with content from your Personal Content Stream or private enterprise environment. Then consume it anywhere you'd like.

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Search the News!

Comparable to Google News...maybe better. We index 120,000 quality articles per day. Search, find the news that matter to you, and curate/publish what you like into your Personal Stream or Enterprise Portal.

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Annotations: The Ultimate Curation Weapon!

Your curation privileges allow you annotate content on top of an original article, then plug a feed of these annotations into your blog or CMS. Google will index your annotations and boost your SEO!

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So, Who Uses Eqentia?

  • CVCA
  • Investigative News Network
  • LaunchSquad
  • IT World Canada
  • NextMontreal
  • University of Colorado Boulder


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